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Don Chisholm
Webmaster, Website Awards
16 October 1999
Website Awards Worksheet
Revisions to the Worksheet
Ratings are by Focus Associates. 5.0 is the highest rating. "NR" means the Site is not rated.
Please don't use our bandwidth. Copy this Worksheet to your own hard drive and use it from there. Load it into your browser, follow the links to the Award Sites to apply for their awards, and log your activities and comments in the column on the right. Enter the dates of your applications, the dates you receive the awards, and any comments or notes you want to keep for future reference. Use a text editor to make your entries in the source document. Please see the Note at the bottom of this Worksheet about applying to Award Sites in foreign countries. If you have an older copy of this Worksheet and would like to keep it up to date, all the recent changes are listed for your convenience in the Revisions to the Worksheet page. If you have an award and want to be listed in the Worksheet, please visit my page on Adding Your Award.
Name of Award Site Rating Application Log and Comments
#1 Free Stuff Award NR  
2 Cool Web Coolest Site 3.0  
2112 F/X Pick of the Week Award 5.0  
3D PixRay Design Award NR  
5 Point Web Award (AWC Inc.) 4.0  
5 Star Sites Award (WebstersClub) 4.0  
7Rings Awards 4.5  
AAA Award of Excellence NR  
AAA World Announce Cool Site Award NR  
ABAS Cool Site Award 3.0  
Absolute Cross Award NR  
Absolutely Wonderful Awards NR  
Academic Resources Award NR  
AccuSubmit Top 5% Award NR  
Admirals Award NR  
Aeclectic Awards 4.5  
AEIP Award of Honor 4.5  
Aeon Flux Awards NR  
After Midnight Award NR This Award Site is not accepting applications at this time.
A Great Site Awards NR This Award Site is not accepting applications at this time.
A.J.'s Awards 3.0  
Akhentef's Awards NR  
A La Page Site of the Week NR  
Alchemix Golden Site Award NR  
Alfa Awards NR  
A Light Unto the Web Award 4.0  
Ali'i Mano Award for Web Excellence 3.5  
Aloha Award (Hawaii City) 3.0  
Amanda's Awards 3.5  
AM Riser Awards NR  
Ancient Warriors' Dragon Award NR  
Angells' Awards NR Click on "My Site Links" to find the awards.
ANK Award NR  
Arachnid Award NR  
Arcadi's Awards NR  
Archetypal Site Award 4.0  
ArDo® Awards NR  
Armon Web Awards NR  
ART-Award NR  
Artis Awards 4.0  
Art of Anatoly Krynsky Awards 3.5  
ArtPro of the Web Award 3.5  
Astropro's Website Of the Week Award NR  
Australian Internet Awards NR Only for Australian websites.
Ā voir de suite/Award e-sweet 4.5  
Award for Design Elegance (Tweeter's World) NR  
Award for Excellent Homepage NR  
Award for Xellence 4.0  
Award mit Band NR  
Award Net Awards NR  
Award of Excellence (Gabriel Augusto) NR  
Award of Excellence (Home & Hearth) 4.0  
Award of Excellence (Nick Pascua) NR  
Award of Excellence (Visual Xtreme) 4.0  
Award of Triumph (Triumph PC Online) NR  
Awards Jungle Award 4.0  
Awards for You! NR  
Award's von Bonnie NR  
Awards Zone Featured Site NR Award of Excellence NR  
A Work of Art Award 3.5  
Axt Award NR  
Badger's Pick of the Day 4.5  
Bakauma's Excellence Award NR  
Bär TopDesign Awards 3.0 Click on "PhilDaPoohBear's Private WebSite" to find the awards.
Basse's Award NR  
Bayerischen Löwen Award NR  
Baylink Award of Excellence NR  
BC Website Award NR  
B.D. Award NR  
BearzWeb Award 3.0  
Beehive Awards 4.5 Click on "Golden Hive" to find the awards.
Benny Blue Web Wow Award NR  
Best Bet Awards (scifiGATE) NR Click on "Yellow Pages" to find the award. Only for sites related to science fiction, fantasy, or horror.
Best of Asia Pacific Award NR  
Best Of Creation Award NR Click on "Service" in the menu to find the award.
Best of Pakistan Award NR Only for Pakistani websites.
Best of the Internet (Progressive Farmer) 3.5  
Best of the Internet ( NR  
Best of the Planet Award 5.0  
Best of the Web Award (5n10) NR  
Best of the Web Award ( NR  
Best of the Web Elite Awards (Wired 2000) NR  
Best of Trek Award NR  
Best Taste In Web Sites Award NR Top Site of the World Award NR  
Beyond Design Top Site Award 4.5  
Bill's Best of the Web Award NR  
Bird of Paradise Award NR  
Biz Web Gold Site 3.5  
Björn on the weB-Award NR  
Black Pearl Award NR  
Blazen's Web Creation Award 4.5  
Blue Collar Award 4.0 Click on "Add URL" to find the award.
Blue Dragonfly Award of Excellence NR  
Blue Ice Designers Awards 3.5  
Blue Ribbon Website Award NR This Award Site is not accepting applications at this time.
Blue Web'n Learning Site NR  
BMGD Awards 4.0  
Bob-O-Link Way Cool Site Award NR  
Books AtoZ Site of the Week NR  
B.Org Design Award 4.5  
BotSpot of the Week Award 4.0  
BPG Awards NR  
Brandel Awards NR  
Breton Awards 3.0  
Bright Blades Award NR  
Bright Site Award 3.5  
Bright Spot on the Web Award NR  
BRILLIANeT Web Award NR Click on "Webmasters" to find the award.
BSC's Premium Award 4.0  
BSOB Award of Excellence NR  
BTC's Excellence Award NR  
Bulletproof Award NR  
Business Resource Hot Site Award NR  
BuWu's Star Awards NR  
Cafe Elysium Web Excellence Award NR  
Caicos' Awards 3.5  
CanadaOne TopSite Award NR  
Canadian Redneck's Best of the Web Award NR  
Canuck Site of the Day NR Only for Canadian websites.
Carla's Web Award NR  
Carmi's Award NR  
Caroline's Awards 3.5  
Caz's Awards 4.5  
CBC Award 4.0  
CCI Link of the Week Award NR  
Ceramicarte Award NR  
Chandra's Awards 2.5  
Cheese Dog's Pick of the Day NR  
Cheezy Grin Award NR  
Chicago Internet Review Awards 5.0  
Chistell Award NR  
Choice Site of the Month NR  
Chris Photoshop Awards 3.5  
CIO Web Business Award NR  
CJ's Award of Excellence 3.5  
Classic Original Award NR  
Cocoa and G's Awards 3.5 This Award Site is not accepting applications at this time.
Coin and Stamp World Award NR  
Colleen's Corner Awards 3.5  
Columbus Awards NR  
CompAge Solutions Awards 3.5  
Cool Canuck Site Award NR  
Cool Cat Willow Award NR  
Cool Central Site of the Day (Submit) 4.5  
Cool Doctor | Top 10 Cool Sites 4.5  
Cool Freebie Links Award NR  
Cool Frog Award NR Click on "More Stuff" to find the award.
Cool Links Awards NR  
Cool Reality Award 4.0  
Cool Site Award (Perceptual Distortion) NR  
Cool Site of the Day NR  
Cool Site of the Day Award NR  
Cool Site of the Nite NR  
Cool Spot Award (WEB.DE SurfGuide) NR Only for German websites.
CoolSTOP Best of the Cool NR  
CoolWebSite Award NR Only for websites that are written in German.
Cosmic Site of the Week (Adze) NR  
Country Mall Super Site Awards NR  
Coyote's Country Awards NR  
CrazYboy's Site Awards NR  
Creations' Awards NR  
Creative Award ( 3.5  
Creative Chances Awards 3.5  
Creativity Award (A Long Way From Home!) NR  
Creativity Award ( NR  
Creativity on the Web Award NR  
Critical Mass Award 4.0  
CRTW Cool Canadian Award NR  
Crunchland Golden Cow Award NR  
Crystal Awards 3.0  
CS Awards NR  
CSR Award of Excellence NR  
Cultural Excellence Site Award NR  
CyberEagle Awards NR  
CyberNet Awards 3.5  
Cyber Oscar Web Award NR  
Cyber Platinum Site Award NR  
Cyber Quotations Inspirational Awards NR  
Cyber Scans Awards NR  
Cybersurfer Awards NR  
CyberTeddy's Top 500 Web Site 4.5  
Cynosure Web Design Award NR  
Daily Hot Site Award NR  
Daily Website Award NR  
DAK's Best of the Web Award NR  
Dave's World Diggity Dank Web Site O' the Week Award NR  
Dawn's Awards 3.0  
Dead on the Net Resource Award 4.5  
Deep Blue Web Design Award NR  
Defender Award for Cool Homepages NR  
Der AR-Best Awards NR  
Der Cyberman Awards NR  
Der KostNixx Award NR  
Der Storch Awards NR  
Design's Eye Masterpiece Award 5.0  
Design Home's Hot Site Award NR  
Design Innovations' Awards 3.5  
Destinys Awards NR  
DH-Online Awards NR  
Die Feder Awards NR  
Dina's Homepage Award NR  
DINO World's Best Award NR  
Divinity in Action Award NR  
DLB Award 4.5  
D~Mentia's Awards NR  
Dog-Gone Thumbs Up Awards 3.5  
Dow Jones Business Directory Select Site NR  
DPI Awards NR  
Dr. Clue Site Award 3.5  
DRH Design Award NR  
Dr. Webster's Web Site of the Day 4.5  
DreamLink of the Day NR  
Duke of URL Classy Site Award NR  
Dynamic Award NR  
Dynamite Site of the Nite NR  
E!Limes Award NR  
Eagles Nest High Flying Award NR  
Easy Choice Award 3.5  
Eclectic Artistry 5 Star Award 4.0 Only for sites related to the arts.
Eclipse Awards 3.5  
Eddie's Award to Internet Excellence NR  
Ed's Thread Awards 3.0  
Education Excellence Awards NR Only for sites related to education.
Education Hot Site of the Month 3.5 Only for sites related to education.
Education Index Top Site Award NR Only for sites related to education.
Education World Site Award NR Only for sites related to education.
EduNET Choice Site Award NR Only for sites related to education.
Edweb Award for Excellence in Website Design 4.0  
Einhorn Private Quality Awards 4.0  
EJP Awards 4.0  
El Fabi Awards NR  
Elf's Web-design Awards 3.5  
Elissa's Awards 3.5  
Elite Site Design Award NR  
Emperial Design Web Awards 4.5  
Empowerment Award of Excellence NR  
Enchanted Site Award NR  
Enchanting Awards of Excellence NR  
Energy Award 4.0  
Ennio Awards NR  
ERAust Site Award NR  
Ergonomic Design Award 3.0  
Esada Awards NR  
Escati Award NR  
Escritoire Awards NR  
ETA Awards NR  
Euro.www.Award NR  
Excellence Award (The School Page) NR Only for sites related to education.
Excellent Killer Site Award NR  
Excellent Source Award 3.0  
Exceptional Sites Award 4.5  
Exploratorium Ten Cool Sites NR  
Extreme Woman Award NR  
Eye-Catcher Design Award NR  
Eye on the Web Selected Site Award NR  
Eye Site of the Week NR  
EZ Select Site Award NR  
FabFour Awards 4.0  
Fall Creek Best of the Web Award NR  
Family Track Top Educational Site NR  
Familyville Family Values Award NR  
Ferdi's Awards NR  
Fernholms Awards NR  
FiEnDs Hideout Awards NR  
Fierce Pick of the Day 5.0  
Finger Prints and Paws' Awards NR  
Flung of the Day Award NR  
FlydeCoast Top Site Award NR  
Fortress Key Site Award 4.5  
Fraggle's Awards NR  
Freedom of Thought Award NR  
Free Links Network Award NR Grade "A" Site Award NR  
Future Design Awards NR  
Future.suite Awards 3.0  
FVW Award NR  
Ganeca's Awards 3.0  
Gayla's Garden Awards NR  
Gazoo's Gold Choice Award 5.0  
GBdesign Art Awards NR  
GHR Site of the Week NR  
Gifted Fox Award NR  
Glencom Golden Button Award NR  
Global Web Site Award (Everything Internet) NR  
Global Web Site Gold Award (Cyspace) 4.0  
Globe Awards NR  
Glorious Creations Award 3.5  
G.M. Designs Web Site Awards NR  
Golden Bell Award NR  
Golden Globe Award NR  
Golden Grail Award NR This Award Site is not accepting applications at this time.
Golden House-Sparrow Site of the Day NR  
Golden Link Award NR Click on "What's New" to find the award.
Golden Mountain Ash Awards 4.0  
Golden Olive Award NR  
Golden Page Award NR  
Golden Poppy Awards NR  
Golden Quill Awards 3.0  
Golden Site Award NR  
Golden Web Award NR  
Gold Medal Business Site Award 4.0  
Good Stuff Web Award NR  
G Page Awards 4.0  
Gracie's World Awards NR  
GraeWolve's Awards NR  
Graphic City Awards NR  
Graphic World Awards NR  
Great Site Award (CMT) NR  
Great Site Award (Conemara) NR  
Greco's One Wild Site Award NR  
Ground Zero Cool Site Award NR  
GTE Cool Site Award 4.0  
Guiding Light Award NR  
Hacienda Cruz Awards NR  
Ham's Place Awards NR  
HART Enterprises "Fly With Eagles" Award NR  
Hats Off Award 3.5  
HavenHood Awards 4.0  
Hawaii Award of Excellence 4.0  
Heartwarmers4u Award NR  
Helicopter Award 3.0  
HHH Award 2.5  
High Density Computing Awards 4.5  
High Five Excellence in Design Award NR  
High Quality Cyberspace Award NR  
Holy Cow Cool Site of the Week NR  
HomeGrown Award 4.0  
Homepage City Award NR  
Homepage First Class Award 3.5  
Homepagegoodies Award NR  
Honest Internet Business Award NR Only for sites that sell a product or service.
Hope's Awards NR  
HOT HTML Award 3.0  
Hot Pick Award 4.0  
HotSheet Best of the Web NR  
Hotspot Internet Awards NR  
HPA Award 4.0  
HPC Awards NR  
hpd Award NR  
HyperExchange Select Site Award NR  
HyperLinks Webmasters Award of Excellence 3.0  
Iceprincess's Awards 3.0  
Imagine Success Business Site Award 4.0  
Incredible Info Award NR  
Incredibly Useful Site of the Day NR  
IncWeb-Award NR  
Indiscriminate Reader Awards 3.0  
IndyNet's HotSpots of the Month NR  
iNFiNiTEE Web Page Design Awards NR  
Info Guide Business Excellence NR  
Information Revolution Awards 3.5  
InfoSeek Select Site NR  
Info Service Super Site Award NR  
Insight Award for Creativity 3.5  
Intercatch Awards NR  
Interguide Top Site Award NR  
InterMountain's Awards NR  
International Web Page Awards 5.0  
Internet Brothers Presents 5.0  
Internet Filter Safe Site NR  
Internet Gold Award 4.0 Go to "Promotion Avenue" to find the award.
Intune Web Site Award NR  
IPPA Design Awards NR  
Island on the Web Awards NR  
IS Serve Excellence in Business Award NR  
itmWEB Award NR Only for sites related to information technology.
Jack D.'s Homepage Award NR  
Jack London Excellent Site Award NR  
Jayde Award 5.0  
Jewel Awards NR  
JG Awards NR  
Joyce's Awards NR  
JoyZine Award of Excellence 4.0  
JP's Web's Awards 3.5  
Julands Award of Excellence NR  
Juvenila's Web Awards 4.0  
Kampfhamster Award NR  
Karen's Awards NR  
Karyatid Award 4.0  
Kaz_i's Friendly Award NR  
KCE Award for Online Excellence 4.5  
Keyboard Pro Award NR  
Killer Web Award NR  
Kimberly's Awards NR  
King of the Jungle Award NR  
King of the Web Award NR  
KJEM's Treasured Site Award 3.5  
Kreations Awards NR  
Krebs' Art Awards 4.0  
Kung Fu Award NR Only for sites related to martial arts.
KuZone's Gold Award NR  
LA Awards 3.0  
Labora &c. Award 3.5  
Lancelot's Awards NR  
Landmark of the Week Award 4.5  
Land of Quotes Reference Award NR  
Laslo's Web Page Design Excellence Award NR  
Las Vegas News #1 Site Award NR  
Learning in Motion's Top Ten List NR  
Learning Fountain Award 5.0  
Le Grand Award NR  
Le Jardin Sauvage Awards 4.5  
Lifeline's Cool Site Award NR  
lightOS Gold Awards 4.5  
Linkaholics Hot Site Awards 3.5  
LinkFinder Red Hot Link Award NR  
Link of the Day Award (The Daily Message) NR  
Linkopedia's Top Site Award NR  
Liquidcode Awards 4.0  
Lisa's Homepage Awards NR  
Lissa's Awards NR  
Little Puppy's Awards NR  
Lizard Heaven Awards 3.5  
Loadstar's Web Design Awards 4.0  
Los Angeles Times Pick 4.0  
Lotus Light Award NR  
Lúa Webmasters Award of the Day NR Click on "Añadir Web" to find the award.
Lunar Graphics Award 4.0  
Lyon Pride Awards 3.5  
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Name of Award Site Rating Application Log and Comments
Magical Business Web Award 4.5  
Magic Storm Award NR  
Malthor's Domain Site Awards 3.5  
Maple Leaf Gold Mine Award NR  
Marie's Awards NR  
MarketCentral's Award of Excellence NR  
Marketing Excellence Award 3.5  
Marketing Hot Site Award NR  
Market-Tek Design Award NR  
Markings Awards NR  
Mark of Excellence Award 3.5  
Marvin's Awards NR  
MathWorld Excellence in Education Award NR  
Matt's World Out of this World Page Award NR  
Maverick's Awards 3.0  
Maxxed Awards 3.0 Only for sites related to cars.
Maxx's Selection Awards NR  
Mayor's Choice Award NR  
MBI Gold Award NR  
Merchantfind Awards NR  
Merle's Top Pick Award NR  
Mesweet's Awards 3.5  
Michele's World Awards 3.5  
MIC's LinkPix Award 3.0  
Milou's Awards NR  
Mind Your Own Business Award 3.5  
MNE Wow! Award NR  
Mort's Top 99% of the Web Award NR  
MOS Homepage Award NR  
Mothagojira's Cool Site Award NR This Award Site is not accepting applications at this time.
Mountain Site Award NR  
MsPoolshark's Awards 3.5  
MultiReviews Site Awards NR  
My ParenTime's Awards 3.5  
Mystic Stars Awards NR  
Mystique World-Awards NR  
Natural Medicine Awareness Award NR  
n.d Design Award 4.5  
NeedToShop.Com Excellence Award 3.5  
Nefertiti's Best Site Award NR  
Nem5 Web Maggic Awards 4.0  
Net@Page Award 3.5 Only for websites that are written in German.
NET-ADS Web Champion Award NR  
NetAtomic Hot Site NR  
NetGuide Site Review NR  
NetPresse Award NR  
Netprobe Awards NR  
Netscape What's Cool Awards NR  
NewSong's Awards NR  
New World Webdex Top Site Award 4.5  
Nexlook Designs' Power Site! 5.0  
Nielsen Best of the Web Award NR  
Nightening Cool Site Award NR  
Northern Protocol Excellence Award 4.5  
Noteworthy Award 4.0  
Noteworthy A+ Award NR  
Nova@ctive Top Site Awards NR  
Nova Award (Nova Clean) NR  
Novae Award NR  
Nowie's Awards 3.5  
Nuclear Winter Best of the Net Award NR  
Nu-Horizons Design Studio Awards NR  
Nuturing Magazine Web Reviews NR  
OaSis Awards NR  
Observer Award NR  
Obzcure Dezign Award 3.5  
ODS Award NR  
Omega's Cool Site of the Day NR  
Omega Web Search Seal of Approval 3.0  
on-light Awards NR Click on "Privat" to find the award.
Only Free Stuff Award NR  
Optical Resolution Awards 4.0  
Orchid Award for Page Excellence NR  
Otakou (NZ) Creative Design Award 4.0  
Outstanding Graphics Resource Site of the Week Award 4.0  
Over the Edge Award NR  
Page Plus Award NR  
Paradise Award 3.0  
ParenthoodWeb Select Parenting Site Awards NR  
Parenting Site of the Month NR  
PAS Award of Excellence 4.5  
Patriotic Home Award For Excellence 3.5  
Pau Hana Award (Topher's Castle) 4.0  
Pearl Dropper Web Excellence Award NR  
Pearl on the Web Award 4.0  
Pegasus' Web Awards 4.5  
Pepe's Webseitentest NR Only for German websites.
Perfect as a Site Award NR  
Perfect Site Award NR  
Petals of Life Award 3.0  
Phackwer Award NR  
PH-Award NR  
Picintro Globe Awards 3.5  
Pick of the Litter Award NR  
Pinnacle Club Web Author's Choice Award NR  
Pixbo Awards 3.0  
PMP Golden Cone Awards NR  
Point Trade's The Best Awards NR  
P.O.M.P. Award NR  
Portal Awards 4.0  
PowerLinks Online NR  
Powerseite Award NR  
Precolumbian Awards 4.0  
Press Release Network Award NR  
Prime Navigator Award 3.0  
Prism's Awards 4.0  
Private Eye Award 3.0  
Project Cool Sightings NR  
Pro Site Award (Submission Pro!) NR  
Prosperity's Best of the Net Award NR  
ProTronic Award of Excellence NR  
Psychohelp Awards 4.0  
Pure Illusion Awards 4.5  
Quality Awards NR  
Quality Trading Award of Excellence 4.0  
Quatec's Website Design Award NR  
Rakyat On Line Web Awards NR  
Raven's Cry Award 3.5  
Ravi's Elite Site Award NR  
RDL National Star Site Award 4.0  
Real Estate Library Award NR  
RealMarket Winking Woman Design Award NR  
REALS Award 3.0  
Red Eye Rated Site of the Month NR  
Reel Site Awards 3.0 Only for sites related to actors, actresses or movies.
Rip n Roll's Best of the Best Award NR  
RoadKill Cafe's Best of the Web Award NR  
Salzburg Awards NR  
Sam's Awards NR  
Sannah's Awards 3.0  
Sascha's Awards NR  
SayItOn The Web's Awards NR  
Saxonia-Award NR  
Scott Awards NR  
Scout Report Selection NR  
Scram Awards NR  
Seasons of Change Awards NR  
Secret Door Awards NR Only for websites that are written in German.
Seeds of Knowledge Awards NR  
SEE WorldWide HotLinks NR  
Selected Online Business Award 3.5  
SelectSurf Best of the Web NR  
Serge's Mark for a Fine Web Site NR  
Seven Wonders Award 4.0  
SGM Awards NR  
SGT MOM'S Seal of Approval NR  
Shadows of Darkness Award of Excellence NR  
Signature Award for Web Design 3.0  
Silver Surfer Award NR  
Silver Web Award NR  
SIME Awards NR Only for Scandinavian websites.
Simply Submit It Award 4.0  
Sinapsis Award 4.0  
Sirius Award NR  
Site du Jour NR Only for websites that are written in French.
Site of Excellence Award NR  
Site of Substance Award (Carbon Places) 4.0  
Site of the Week NR  
Site Select Award NR  
Site Viper Awards NR  
SmartDesk Way Cool Hot Site 5.0  
Smiley Award for Web Page Excellence NR  
Social Studies Center Awards NR Only for sites related to social studies.
Sofcom Pick of the Net NR Only for Australian websites.
Solid Gold Site Award NR  
Space Odyssey Awards NR  
Spcl Kath's Awards NR This Award Site is not accepting applications at this time.
Spectropolis Choice Site Awards NR  
Spyder's Empire Cool Site Award NR  
Stardust Awards 3.5  
Starfire Award 4.0  
Star Site Awards NR  
Starting Page Selection Award NR  
Starting Point Hot Site NR  
Steliart Awards 4.0  
St. Hubertus Award NR  
Stomp Award 3.5  
Stucki's Web-Test NR Only for websites that are written in German.
Suite 101 Top 5 Web Site NR  
Sundsbergets Awards 3.0  
Superb Site of the Week NR  
Superb! Website Awards 5.0 Only for sites that have already won over 100 other awards, including one or more of the World's Top Awards.
Superior Design Award 3.5  
Superior Graphics Award (LogoWonders) 4.0  
SuperSite Award NR  
Surfer's Choice Awards 5.0  
Surfers Delight Cool Site Award NR  
Surfing the Net Award 3.5  
Taco's Web Site Award NR  
Taibug's Awards NR  
TDS Awards 3.0  
Teacher Quest Web Excellence Award NR  
TechMall Editor's Choice Award NR  
TechSpot Website Award NR  
Teddie's Awards NR  
Television Stars Award NR Only for sites related to celebrities.
Ten Top Sites NR  
The ! Award 3.5  
The ALE-Project Awards NR  
The A+ List NR  
The Amazon Awards NR  
The American Legion Awards 4.0  
The Athlos Award NR  
The Best of the Web 4.0  
The Beyond Award 4.0  
The BiZy Bee Award NR  
The Cactus Award NR  
The CharityVillage Award NR Only for sites related to Canadian non-profit and charitable organizations.
The Coolest of the Cool Award NR  
The Cowpie Award 3.5  
The Cristall Award NR  
The CyberMom Dot Com's Site of the Day NR  
The Excellence Award NR  
The Fireball Award NR  
The Gadzillion Award 3.5  
The Geo Awards NR This Award Site is not accepting applications at this time.
The Golden Apple Award NR Only for sites related to education.
The Golden Cluster Award NR  
The Golden Feather Award NR  
The Golden Homepage Award 4.0  
The Golden Screen Award 4.5 Only for sites related to film and television.
The Golden Scorpion Award NR  
The Great GOO Award NR  
The Great Northern Website Award NR  
The Halo Award NR  
The Helmet of Honor (Viking Horde) NR  
The Internet Top 10 NR  
The Jeff Hobrath Art Studio Web Award NR  
The Jem Award NR  
The Johnny Lightning Award 3.0  
The Lightman Awards NR Only for sites related to the entertainment industry.
The Linen Closet Awards 3.0  
The Lite Site Awards 3.0  
The LivingVictoria Award NR  
The Lynx Awards 3.0  
The Médaille d'Or for Web Site Excellence 5.0  
The Mix Award 4.5  
The Moonshine Award NR  
The Mutley Awards 4.0  
The NoWhere? Award 3.5  
The OnWard Awards NR Click on "Webstuff" to find the awards.
The Paradise Award *For Design* 3.0  
The Pondering Award NR  
The Puff Award 3.5  
The Q Award NR Only for sites using multimedia and the latest technology.
The Realm's Award NR  
The RNR Award NR  
The Shield Awards 3.5  
The Six-Pack Award NR  
The Sneeze Page Award for Excellence 4.0  
The Socrates Awards NR  
The Soupcans Web Award NR  
The Standing Ovation Award NR  
The Star Awards NR  
The Sterling Awards NR  
The Stomp of Approval Award NR  
The Storm Keep Award 3.5  
The SW Award 4.0  
The Sun Star Awards NR  
The Technicolor Eyeball of Happiness Award NR  
The TMP Award NR  
The Too Cool Award NR Use the Leave a Link.
The Top 100 Web Sites (PC Magazine) 5.0  
The Top-Gold Award NR Only for personal websites that are written in German.
The Ultimate Site Award NR  
The Visionary Award 4.0 Only for sites related to science fiction, fantasy, horror, or writing.
The Web Academy Seal NR  
The Web Awards NR  
The Webby Awards NR  
The Webmaster Award 4.0  
The Web Studio Awards 3.5  
The Websubmitter Platinum Award 4.0  
The Web Surfer's Award NR  
The Weekly Bookmark NR  
The Wrinkled Brain Award 3.0  
The Zaryllon Cool Site Award NR  
The Ziara Awards 4.0  
Thüringen-Aw@rd NR  
Tierisch gut! Award NR  
Timan's Awards NR  
tk home Award 4.0  
TM 2000 Design Card Award NR  
TMC Exceptional Design Award NR  
Too Cool School House Educational Site of the Week NR  
Top 5% of the Web Award NR  
Top 125 Web Sites NR  
Top Banana Pick O' the Bunch NR  
Top Bee Award NR  
Top Flight Stealth Site Award 3.0  
Totally Awesome Site of the Day NR  
Totally Groovy Website Award 3.0  
Totally "Killer Site" Award NR  
Toxic Trophy NR  
Trademark Awards NR  
Tulip Award of Web Excellence NR  
TWG Awards NR  
Twilight's Awards 3.5  
TwinWolf Award of Excellence 2.5  
UFO's Graphics Mania Award 4.0  
Ultra Cool Site of the Day 4.0 Only for online shopping sites.
UNI-Awards NR  
USA Today Hot Site NR  
Utopian Site Design Award NR  
Vandema Gold Award NR Only for sites related to real estate.
Vigi's Award NR  
Viking's Purplestars Award NR  
Vis-Con Site Award NR Requires you to submit a full page essay.
Visionary Award NR  
Vision Awards NR  
Vision's Awards NR  
Visual Ecstacy Award NR  
Vulkan Award NR  
w3design Award NR  
Wala Girl's Awards NR  
Wald4tel Awards NR  
Waltroper TopSite-Awards NR  
Wazige's Hot Site Award NR  
Web 100 NR  
Web-Anna Award NR Only for Swedish websites.
Web Appeal Award 3.5 Award NR Click on "Kostenlos" to find the award.
Web-Award (Exclusive Design) NR Click on "Gratis" to find the award.
WEBaward (On the Brink) NR  
Webbie Awards NR  
Web Creations' Awards NR  
Web Designer's Eggscellence Awards NR  
Web Designers Top 5% Award 4.5 Must be a current Web Designer Directory member.
Web Design Poet Award 3.5  
Web Designs For You Awards 3.5  
Web Destacada Del Mes NR  
Web-Development.Com's Site of the Week NR Only for sites related to web development.
Web Editing for Dummies Award of Excellence NR  
Web Elegance Award 4.5  
Web Excellence Award ( NR  
Web Excellence Award (XS Design) NR This Award Site is not accepting applications at this time.
Webkin Awards 3.5  
Webmaster Awards 3.0  
Web Master Gold Award NR  
WebmastersAward 3.5  
Webmaster's Creative Site Award NR  
Web Masters Top Picks NR  
Webmaster T's Most Favored Status Award 4.0 Only for sites related to marketing and promotion, HTML references and tutorials.
Webscout Way Cool Site! NR This Award Site is not accepting applications at this time.
Webscraper Awards NR  
WebSite 101 A+ Award 3.5  
Website Analyst Award NR  
Website Award of Excellence 3.5  
Web Site Awards (Southwest Designs) NR  
WebSite der Woche NR  
Website Excellence Awards NR Click on "Links" to find the awards.
Web Site of Distinction Award NR  
Web Solution 4 Star Award NR  
Web Spider Award of Excellence 3.5  
Web Superiority Award NR  
Web Surfers Digest Excellent Site Award NR  
webTIP Award NR Only for German, Austrian, and Swiss websites.
Web Wings Award NR  
Web Wizard Site of the Week NR  
WebWoman's Awards NR  
Web Workshop Awards NR  
Web World Hot Site Award NR  
Well-Written Web Award 4.0  
Westerberg Awards NR  
Westfield Web Site Awards 4.0  
WGB Web Creations' Awards NR  
What's In A Name Awards 4.0  
Windows HotSpots NR  
Wings' Awards 4.0  
Wise Owl Site of the Month NR  
Wishing Well Web Excellence Award NR  
WLYN Web Site of the Week NR  
Wohin Heute? Award NR  
Working the Web Award NR  
World Best Website Award 5.0  
World Village Family Site of the Day NR  
WPA Site Award NR  
WPG Goldsite Award NR  
WS-Awards NR  
WSD Top 5% Award NR  
WTsoft Award NR  
Wubba's Award for Excellence NR Cool Spots NR  
WWWebslinger's Awards 3.5  
WWWiz's Pick of the Web 4.0  
X-PLOSIVE Web-Award 5.0  
Yahoo! Picks of the Day NR  
Yahoo! Canada Pick of the Week NR  
Yell UK Web Award NR  
Yin Best of the Web Award NR  
Z Best Sites Around 3.5  
Note: Some of these Award Sites are located in foreign countries and the web pages are written in foreign languages. If you don't read the language, use the translation service at AltaVista or Systran. They translate English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish. Copy the text or the address (URL) of the web page into your Clipboard, then paste it into the dialog box at the translator. Select a language from the drop down menu and click the "Translate" button. The translation is crude, but you should be able to understand it well enough to apply for the award. As a courtesy to the people at the Award Site, you may want to translate the description of your Website into their language and submit it in both English and their language. They will appreciate your effort and consideration!
Good luck with your applications for awards!
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