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Awards Earned by This Site

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Awards Received
AwardCriteria / FeedbackAbout the SiteAward Sites! RatingDate Awarded
No award of this level yet!  5.0 
No award of this level yet!  4.5 
No award of this level yet!  4.0 
Amanda's Site of Silver Web AwardThis is for sites that meet all of the requirements, but don't necessarily go beyond them. Great, but not outstanding.Free web graphics, Midi music files, a poetry gallery, awards to win, and more.3.526 Oct 1999
Colleen's Corner Friendly Site AwardI enjoyed my visit very much. Your pages are all wonderful with very interesting content. The stories of Saudi were very interesting and many fine books are listed in your reading suggestions.Personal home page, including poetry.3.528 Oct 1999
D Smile's Excellent D-sign AwardOh well, didn't give out the award for a year or something, but if you want it, here you go! Looks nice.D Smile's personal home page3.526 Oct 1999
MMSeekers.com Creative AwardHigh Quality page in both design and service offerings.Online shopping, and award manager3.527 Oct 1999
Signature Award for Web DesignTo recognize achievement in outstanding website design.Signature Technology Solutions utilizes the innate power of the Internet to build "bridges" between legacy systems.3.028 Oct 1999
Two Bit AwardMust load in a reasonable time period; text must be readable; easy to navigate; text must not run off the right hand side of the page. If you are using a left hand border, the text should not run into the left border.It's still the same stupid, worthless stuff! But It's Free!!3.020 Oct 1999
Silver Lace AwardYour site is very well done and nicely presented.Outstanding garden site with everything set up for both English and Swedish.3.026 Oct 1999
Storm Keeper Award of ExcellenceNo more than 25 awards will be given in one month. Graphics, java, animations, originality will be a plus.Storm Keeper is a page about my love for the rain, storms, thunder (in a distance). Not violent storms, but storms that bring peace, rest and love.2.524 Oct 1999
Robin's Garden Scavenger Hunt Award (see below)2.025 Oct 1999
Find and report the ten pages containing a certain item.Poetry and family, with an interesting scavenger hunt around the site
Robin's Garden Excellent Site Award (see below)2.025 Oct 1999
You have a very interesting site. I love the Saudi Arabia story.Poetry and family, with an interesting scavenger hunt around the site

Scorpiosite Award

Great Site - A worthy winnerJava and astrology2.025 Oct 1999
Blueyes AwardKeep up the excellent work!Graphic design and personal home page2.027 Oct 1999
Mandi's Award of Approval!!I love the stories, it reminds me of the stories my grandpa tells me of living overseas. The application form asks which award applied for. I said, "The one with the pig on it; my daughter collects pigs and would be tremendously impressed."Cool Stuff and Total Waste of Space2.026 Oct 1999
excellence awardSend him an email when you've posted the award on your page.Tim's Fun Stuff1.026 Oct 1999
This site meets the approval of The Link to the Past HQ
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(see below)
not rated21 Oct 1999
The award is given to webpages that look like it had taken time to make and fix.Dave's World has The Zelda Manner, The HTML Wizard, The Castlevania IV Homepage.
The Master Award from webheadfx.comI reviewed your site and liked it very much indeed. The html looks great and you've been spending a little more time on backgrounds and graphics.High quality graphics design. See my Webmasters page for a more complete writeup.not rated26 Oct 1999
Meta Medic ApprovedThe web page's META tags meet Meta Medic criteriaSearch Engine Tutorial for Web Designersnot rated25 October 1999
GreyWolf AwardGreat detail and designMartial Science, Wolf and Bear, Personal home pagenot rated27 Oct 1999
Blue Rose AwardI have visited your page and enjoyed my visit. It is obvious you have put a lot of hard work into your site and it is much appreciated.The link, by request, is to A World in a Bagnot rated24 Oct 1999

23 awards are displayed on Ed's Home Page, and 26 awards are displayed on the TCFSA Archives.

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