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Win the Makefile Award

Win the Makefile Award

Note that the Makefile Award has a special requirement. Please don't apply unless you can prove that you qualify! Here are the requirements:

  1. You must build or maintain a substantial portion of your web site using the unix 'make' utility, or with unix shell scripts which perform something similar. I am not claiming that using 'make' ensures you have a superior site... I merely claim that I think such a thing is cool, and I'll give you an award. If you don't happen to know what a makefile is, there's no need to read any further!
  2. You must have already received an award rated Level 2.5 or higher by Award Sites!. That is, the award can come from anywhere, but the award's rating must come from Award Sites!. The reason for this requirement is to demonstrate that your site is of reasonable quality.
  3. There are no other requirements. If you do win the Makefile Award, I would appreciate a link back to my home page, and hope that you choose to display the award. However, neither is necessary.
  4. To apply, send the url of your site to me. Attach either a copy of your makefile, or the url where I can view it, along with the url showing the award you have received rated 2.5 or higher.

Makefile Award I have not yet designed the award. The image to the left is a possibility. I would like it to look more like a bronze plaque, with the legend "Makefile Award". Hopefully, I will be able to personalize each one.

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