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About web site awards -

I built and maintain this web site using the unix 'make' utility. You can look at the Makefile and shell scripts if you wish, but the page is primarily for my own printing convenience. You can also look at my Award Worksheet, but be warned it takes a while to load, at 150k.

Mandi maintains a Money for Free page with interesting resources for webmasters. She's already checked things out to see which offers are for real.

I signed the guestbook over at Weird Art, noting that I liked the font at the top of a certain page. A day or so later, I received email from the webmaster, telling me the font is called Samarkan, and where to find it. And so now I know that the Freethemes.com site, part of the TUCOWS Network, has all sorts of free stuff available. I'm sure glad I signed that guestbook!

Web Design Group has a very useful HTML Validator. Thanks to David Stanley from The Lite Site for telling me about this. In fact, the whole purpose of The Lite Site is to make life easier for the rest of us, with great web tutorials.

I noticed the Interactive Web Site on the list of Aloha Award winners. You can make your own buttons, icons, and stuff, for free. I have not tried this myself, yet.

Guy at webheadfx.com will do custom graphics for your site, and he offers web site awards. If you want an award designed for your own site, check with him! Actually, he offers a whole lot more, so here is his description:

This site is ad free !!! We are set up to help the beginner as well as the professional with all their web graphical content they should need to build a page. We have a large selection of button sets, backgrounds E-mail buttons and business cards for you to choose from absolutely free. We do not require anything for the use of them not even a link back to our site (although it would be appreciated greatly it's not required. Along with our free graphics we also offer free site submission to the top 10 search engines (for free of course). And we also offer the webheadfx silver and gold award to websites that we feel help make the web a better and more interesting place to hang out. We also have a site partner program you can join for free along with our free banner exchange program. All of which are designed to increase site traffic for you as well as me, it's a win win situation.


The rest of this page is the collection of references I use for HTML and web site design information. There's an identical section on Ed's Home Page.

A beginner's guide to browsing the internet:

The HTML guides I use for reference:

Tips, tutorials, and advice on promoting your web site:

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